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MTN MiFi is a portable WiFi/Wlan device that allows users connect up to 5 WiFi enabled devices such as Laptops, Tablets, Phones, PSP and other such devices simultaneously to the internet.
MTN MiFi is just like a Modem but it does not need to be Plugged to a Laptop before it can work, It serve as a Wlan Server where other WiFi Device can connect to and browse, it allow upto 5 device to browse at the same time.

This is the Best Product from MTN for Student, You dont have to borrow your Friend or wait for your Friends to finish browsing with a Single Modem before you can browse, Just make use of the Wlan Features and everybody can browse at the same time.
1. Insert your SIM Card via the SIM card slot entrance at the back of your MiFi device.
2. Connect the MiFi to a PC with the compatible data cable inside the pack.
3. Power ON the MiFi by pressing and holding the power button until the light comes on.
4. The modem is ��plug and play�� and will auto install upon powering it on. However if the auto install does not work, simply double click the setup icon in the MiFi folder from your computer and wait for the software to install.
:- The MTN MiFi can be used in USB mode (connected to your PC just like a Modem) or WiFi mode (connecting up to 5 WiFi enabled devices just like a Wlan Server).
:- It work with all Type of Internet Subscription and also works for Free when Using any Tunelling Scope just like normal MTN modem!For More Info:- Visit
PRICE: The Official price of the MTN Mifi is: N25,000
Mifi is one of the Best & Portable Mobile Wifi Hotspot introduced not quite long., We even compared Connectify, Joikuspot and Mifi  Many People bought the MTN mifi and other Networks mifi when we published the Mifi Article some Months back.
Today, Hundreds of Nigerians are on our Neck so we can Released a Full Tutorial on How to Unlock the Mifi Device, Yes today we're here for you Guys...
After Speaking to Our Colleagues from (A Blog that Specialised in Unlocking of Mifi), We're told to Link to the Articles directly because its somehow long and Complex but if you go through the Right steps, Its very much easier to Understand.
Check out the Below Links for a Perfect Tutorials to Unlock your Mifi Device to Use other SIM apart from the Traditional Network SIM.
NOTE:- You must know your Mifi Model before choosing any of the Read More Link.
[+] For Pocket WiFi 2 (Huawei E585U-82 aka E585 v2), Huawei E586, Huawei E587 and Huawei E5331:- This Tutorial here will help alot.. 
[+] Huawei 3G Mobile WiFi (MiFi) E585, E5832, E5830, E583C:- Get Full Unlock Tutorial @ 
Congratulation You Mifi Device has been Unlocked and You can now Start Using any SIM with it.


bhama said...

Thanks for giving information.
Before read this blog,I unlocked my modem by network unlock code with a help of I never had any problem.

Used PC Exporter said...

Nice Blog Post !

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